Gressingham Free Range Duck

Gressingham Free Range Duck


Free Range Duck has a sweet rich flavour, much of its flavour comes from the breeds own inherent fat stores. It can take strong oriental flavours, and anything fruity will balance out the richness, either classic orange, or something more exciting like blackberry to give it a twist.


Ideal oven roasted or stuffed inside a turkey or goose to create a delicious ballentine.


2Kg - 3 to 5 People 

2.5 - 5 to 6 People 


Take a good sized roasting dish and wrap with tin foil. Place the bird in the roasting dish and cover with foil. 

Place in the oven and cook for 1 hour 30 minutes. 

Remove the foil from the top of the bird and leave in the oven to brown for a further 15 minutes. 

Remove your bird from the oven and leave to rest. 

Pour all of the delicious juices left in the roasting tin into a saucepan. Add a glass of wine and a tub of our pure stock, then reduce for about 15 minutes until the sauce thickens. 







Once you get your meat home

Simply pop it into your fridge or freezer.
For best results use fresh meat within 3 days or freeze on day of purchase 
for up to 3 months.

Always thaw meat thoroughly before cooking and do not re-freeze once thawed.